The Family

Eliza, Angela and Nicholas Brown are the fourth-generation siblings who own and run St Leonards Vineyard, All Saints Estate and Mount Ophir Estate, part of the famed Rutherglen Wine Region in North-East Victoria, Australia.

All Saints Family All Saints Family

Siblings at the helm

Eliza is the eldest of the siblings and is currently managing the redevelopment of All Saints Estate. Sister Angela, Sales and Marketing Director, oversees all elements of the growing brands, national and export sales, marketing and public relations. Brother Nicholas, General Manager, heads the excellent winemaking and viticulture team and manages all vineyards and associated properties.

Each sibling is hands-on and brings a wealth of experience gained both in and outside the wine industry that provides the cohesive foundation for the excellent team they have now working for them. 

The siblings share the vision of producing premium table wines of outstanding quality as well as offering Australia’s most exceptional winery experiences. They each believe that innovation, youthful passion, agility, design and sustainability; combined with a healthy respect for traditional winemaking supported by a talented team of people, are the key to delivering that vision.

In addition to their independent ownership of their other businesses Eliza, Angela and Nicholas all play a role in the ongoing management of their shareholding in Brown Family Wine Group. Eliza is currently a board member and director of the company. Brown Family Wine Group has a passion for the family, and they are driven to see the business to continue in family hands for many generations to come. The siblings' father Peter R. Brown, who passed away in November 2005 was one of the four original Brown Brothers of Milawa. The siblings feel honoured to continue the wine-making tradition established by their father.

"No one will love you or forgive you like your family. My brother, sister and I have an extraordinary working relationship. We forgive each other's sins, and we like to celebrate our wins. We also enjoy drinking fine wine together, which keeps the union strong - we believe the family who plays together, stays together." Eliza Brown, CEO