St. Leonards Vineyard thrives along the Murray River, overcoming challenges for a promising harvest. A dedicated team, meticulous coordination, and a winemaker's craft ensure exceptional wines. Here is a February update.

7th Feb 2024

Venture into the world of North-East Victoria's wine bars recommended by the Saints Collective team, where each establishment tells its own story, and every glass reveals a chapter in the region's flourishing wine culture.

1st Feb 2024

In the heart of Rutherglen at All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard, an exhilarating revival of Muscat is underway, marking a new era for this iconic wine.  

8th Jan 2024

Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Grenache, and the uncommon Ruby Cabernet shine when served cool. Embrace chilled reds and elevate your wine journey with refreshing and vibrant flavours.

6th Nov 2023

Lovers of light and chilled reds should mark their diaries for the release of Ruby this Spring, the second wine from St Leonards Vineyard’s Pilot Project Range. 

30th Aug 2023

On the surface, the process of winemaking can seem simple. You pick some grapes, crush them, ferment them and, voila, ready to drink! In reality, it’s slightly more complicated... Read on for a step-by-step introduction to the craft of winemaking.

17th Mar 2022

Nick Brown's interview on By the Glass with Thomas Carr from Halliday

Thomas: How should you drink Muscat?

Nick: We shouldn't get stuck in the old school ways of drinking wine like this, have a bit of fun with it and mix it up. The younger muscats are bright and light in colour, almost pink.

22nd Nov 2021

Spring is all about planning spring flings with your friends and family! It’s the time to enjoy those warmer, sunnier and longer days. Whether it’s for a boozy brunch, long lunch or happy hour cocktails, these tips for spring entertaining will keep you busy all season. 

23rd Sep 2021

His music is a mix of country rock, blues, southern rock, folk and bluegrass – perfect for a Saturday afternoon in the vines.

26th Apr 2021

“Expect wines from 2021 to have a concentration in flavour and to be exceptionally balanced. The 2021 vintage will be one for cellaring.”

22nd Apr 2021

Food writer Sofia Levin samples a St Leonards Vineyard Hip Sip Muscat cocktail at Thousand Pound Wine Bar, while also getting the inside word on where to eat and drink in Rutherglen from our very own Eliza Brown.

9th Feb 2021

Throw a change of clothes in a bag and fire up the car: Victoria is back open for business. 

17th Sep 2020

The Halliday Wine Companion 2021 results are in!

17th Sep 2020

Rutherglen is run by real people putting real time, energy and money into the place.

17th Sep 2020