COMPLETING 150 continuous vintages is a pretty mean feat for any winery — but add to that running it with your family.

“There’s only been two families who’ve owned All Saints,” says Eliza Brown, head of the fourthgeneration wine-making family that now owns the popular Wahgunyah

“And we all still love each other - which is probably more remarkable.”

Ms Brown, her sister Angela and brother Nicholas have this week launched a commemorative
exhibition to celebrate All Saints Estate’s 150th anniversary. The exhibition, held in the cellar door, features “every last piece of information” they could find, including photographs of the original estate, newspaper articles, and the spectacular first prize the winery won in London in 1873.

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“It’s pre us owning the winery but it’s a beautiful piece of history for the winery to have,” Ms Brown said.

“Wahgunyah Historical Society has been really generous in lending us some amazing photographs too - it also spurs us to keep that history going.” The exhibition is on until the end of the month.