Colours of the vineyard

A drive around the vineyard this morning with Paul Heard our Viticulturalist showed that things are looking terrific and we are progressing closer and closer to the start of harvest. The weather is warming up and the vineyard is in full production with all the fruit ripening with the first parcel looking to be on track for early February.

The vines are a sea of bright green covered in plenty of foliage which is protecting the precious bunches which are just starting Veraison. Veraison is where the hard green berries start to change colour, soften up and then grow to full size. As you can see when this happens in a red variety it can look amazing as the individual berries all go through at slightly different times. This is a photo of the Durif at the All Saints Vineyard in front of the castle which goes into the Family Cellar Durif.

From now until harvest we are just making sure that we keep the water up to the vines when required and monitoring for any possible pests or disease to ensure that we get all the fruit to ripeness and in top quality. In the winery we are starting to receive all the goods we ordered for vintage and checking that we have everything we require so that we are all ready when the fruit starts to arrive.

It definitely feels like the calm before the storm!