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Music on the Murray with Nathan & Mica
Event Date: July 01, 2017
Grab some wine and cheese as you lay on the lush green lawn at St Leonards Vineyard while enjoying the breathtaking music by Nathan & Mica from 12 to 4pm.
Music on the Murray with Luke Dewing
Event Date: August 05, 2017
Gather your friends and family and join us at St Leonards Vineyard for an amazing afternoon with fabulous food and great live music by Luke Dewing. If you're up for it, stay on for a sumptuous meal at the Whole Hog event later this evening. Live music will resume as the event starts from 6pm till late.
The Whole Hog
Event Date: August 05, 2017

Savour ‘the whole hog’ with delicious pork on a spit cooked to perfection by Terrace Restaurant Head Chef Simon Arkless. While you're at it, enjoy the smooth vocals and toe tapping tunes performed by singer, songwriter Luke Dewing.

Wedding Showcase 2017
Event Date: August 20, 2017

Mark your calendars! We will be hosting a Wedding Showcase on Sunday, 20th August at All Saints Estate. St Leonards Vineyard and Mount Ophir Estate will also be showcased on the same day.

Music on the Murray with James McRobin
Event Date: September 02, 2017
Join us for an afternoon at St Leonards Vineyard with fantastic live music by James McRobin. Bring your family and friends and enjoy fine wine, delicious food with great live music on the lush green grass from 12pm to 4pm.
Father's Day at St Leonards Vineyard
Event Date: September 03, 2017
Celebrate Father's Day at St Leonards Vineyard!

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