The whites have been harvested which all look fantastic.  Over the past 10 days we have had plenty of rain however fortunately, we have really sandy soils at both All Saints and St Leonards (due to being located on the old river bank).  During times of drought it can be difficult for the vines to get the water before it goes past their roots through the soil.  However, this is an advantage during heavy rain as the soil drains really well. So, the only evidence of last weeks heavy rain is green grass!
We have harvested the Merlot and half of the shiraz with the other half coming off over the next few days. 
Over the coming weeks we will be picking the remaining fruit: All Saints Cab Sauv, St Leonards Cab Franc, All Saints Durif, St Leonards Durif, All Saints Muscat.
Make sure you drop by and see vintage in action from the Winery Viewing Area....