By Nick Brown, winemaker and director

As we quickly approach the end of summer we’re in full swing harvesting grapes for the 2019 vintage. It’s an exciting time as almost twelve months of work in the vineyard are shown in the quality of grapes that we harvest. From months of pruning during winter (2,340 hours to prune 99,085 grapevines), desuckering each vine (cutting off the shoots on each trunk which grow during spring), lifting foliage wires, repairs and maintenance of tractors and pumps and the list goes on…


Autumn is a beautiful time of the year in Rutherglen as there are many days of sunshine and nights become cooler.


The colours of the grapevine leaves vary by variety and slowly turn from a deep, dark green to a lighter shade and eventually red before falling off as the days and nights progressively become cooler.


Some of the grapes, such as Muscat and Muscadelle, are still on the vines into Autumn as we encourage them to keep accumulating sugar in the berries which will translate into beautifully rich wines once picked. Once all of the grapes have been harvested, it will be time to pack away the harvest equipment for another year and give the vineyard team, Stuey and Gus, a well-deserved break!