"Rutherglen, a country town on the boarder of NSW and Victoria has welcomed the new Thousand Pound wine bar and store to its main street.

Thousand Pound is a relaxed wine bar that features an extensive wine list predominantly sourced from family owned wineries, and humble bar food created at the nearby hatted Terrace Restaurant.

The venue is the brainchild of Denis Lucey (Bottega Melbourne) and the All Saints Estate siblings, all of whom wanted to create a wine bar for locals and tourists alike that celebrated local drops and fresh local food.

“After talking to the locals, it seemed that there was an opportunity to open a wine bar in the main street that was relaxed and inviting enough to come in alone and have a glass of wine at the bar or meet up with some friends,” said Lucey. “We feel that it will give the town a much needed meeting place for locals and tourists.”

Nick Brown from All Saints Estate says that the extensive wine list was created with family and friends in mind. The list features namely ‘family owned’ wineries, and as well as local and imported wines from winemakers and wineries that Brown admires.

“We grew up in a family that doesn’t judge a person on what wine they drink,” says Brown. “We wanted our thirsty local crowd to be able to discover wines that we love to drink from ‘family owned’ Australian wineries to wineries abroad that we have a special affiliation with.”

In addition to wine, Thousand Pound also offers a select range of local and imported cider, beers and spirits.

Housed in an original Victorian store front on Rutherglen’s historic Main Street, Thousand Pound's interior was designed by Lucey and the All Saints team. The venue features a monochrome interior with bar seating and high tables in the main room, and wine barrels that adorn the hallway.

Chefs Simon Arkless and Cait Mitchelhill from the hatted Terrace Restaurant at All Saints Estate prepare a small selection of humble, fresh, bar food daily to accompany the wine selection including the likes of house Smoked Salmon, and local marinated olives."

Hospitality Magazine, Aoife Boothroyd, 22 January 2015

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