We have Stephanie, one of the extended Brown family, here for a week or so to find out how vintage works at All Saints winery. She has been busy picking fruit, sampling the vineyards for ripeness and has spent a few days in the cellar. She is staying with Eliza, who is both her cousin and our CEO.

Yesterday I asked Stephanie if she would like to be involved with the first press of the vintage and she was very keen. It was my next comment, that she wear her shortest shorts to work that caused some concern. Stephanie said nothing at the time, but spoke to Eliza that evening; she was a bit puzzled, as she "didn't think that Dan was that kind of bloke." (meaning sleazy old man I assume). I am glad to say that Eliza assured her that I wasn't and so Stephanie came to work today suitably attired.

You see, when it is time to empty one of our fermenters and press the skins, there is no avoiding getting in the fermenting vat and getting dirty. We pump out the free run wine, but that still leaves several tones of skins to be dug out. The first person in the vat, is wallowing in about three feet of soggy purple mush as they shovel out. In my experience it is far better to dress like Warwick Kappa for a bit than spend the rest of the day in wet pants!