Every now and then we get emails from one of our wineclub members about old wines. This one came in yesterday:

I had to contact you to let you know that last night I opened a bottle of the1980 Riesling from the Wahgunyah vineyard. I had needed to make a white wine sauce and this was the only bottle of 'white' in the house. I had been assured by all my ‘Wine Expert' friends that I should have thrown it out 25 years ago, but I always kept it in the wine rack.

To cut a long story short, I tasted the wine and found it to be quite drinkable, and fact more was drunk than went into the sauce. So congratulations to the winemakers at All Saints in the 70s and 80s, the Riesling stood the test of time.

To think, the fruit for this wine was picked 30 years ago, maybe to the day! This was the year that Ronald Reagan became president and ACDC's Back in Black was released. Ronnie has shuffled off to the great film-set in the sky but Accadacca are still playing to sellout crowds of riotous fans - and their grandkids.