By Bree Smith, customer service / wine club consultant

Spring. The word radiates with joy and possibility. The mood of Australia lifts, as do the clouds, and the brisk wind that has been lingering for the last few months subsides. We shed that layer of clothing that we have laboriously slugged around and notice a new sense of hope and a literal spring in our step. If you are like me, all of a sudden you will crave a dinner party with friends when you can linger over a cheese board with a glass (or three) of perfectly matched wine. We are here to help. At Indigo Food Co., we have the cheeses and gourmet produce to make that cheese platter a stand-out at any gathering. Take a journey through the art of wine and cheese matching. There are no rules, just possibilities…


The Woombye Truffle Brie comes from Woombye on Queensland’s sunny Sunshine Coast. The soft cheese incorporates triple cream brie with Italian truffle rolled in. The brie strikes that beautiful balance between creamy perfection and the earthy, nutty taste of truffle.


Enjoy it alongside a glass of the All Saints Estate Excentrique. The cheese will accentuate the savoury notes of the wine and the crisp apple flavours will cut through the creamy goodness.


For the ultimate match, try the Jack’s English Club Cheddar with our St Leonards Vineyard Chardonnay. The cheddar is intense, with a crumbly texture and an epic saltiness. The oaked chardonnay is a rich, textural wine with the savoury and spice characteristic of a barrel-aged wine. The two work together to create a sense of decadence, without overwhelming the senses.


Cashel Blue is an Irish blue-vein cheese with a firm texture that takes you on a journey of sharp acidity with a kick of salt on the back palate. Combine this with a silky-smooth glass of Rutherglen Muscat to excite your senses.


We look forward to seeing you soon at Indigo Food Co., where you can pick up all of these cheeses and wines. Enjoy! Don’t forget to share your wine and cheese matching story with us via our Facebook and Instagram pages.