"In hot news for Rutherglen, the All Saints Estate siblings and Denis Lucey, of Melbourne restaurant Bottega, have teamed up at wine bar and store Thousand Pound, in Rutherglen’s Main Street. It’s a relaxed spot with bar seating and wine-barrel tables,where people can call in for a glass of wine and a bite to eat or to meet friends.

Fourth-generation wine guy Nick Brown, of the family behind Brown Brothers, All Saints and St Leonards, has written a long, wide-ranging drinks listwith family and friends in mind. It includes curios such as Chinese sorghum spirit Maotai, benchmark imports and Australian-made cider and spirits. ‘‘We wanted our thirsty local crowd to be able to discover wines thatwe love to drink, fromfamily-owned Australian wineries to wineries abroad thatwe have a special affiliation with,’’ says Brown. Chef Simon Arkless and his wife, Cait Mitchelhill, of Terrace Restaurant at All Saints Estate, have penned a short list of simple, drink-friendly dishes, such as housesmoked salmon and terrine. A licence to sell wine bottles to go is on theway. It’s open Thursday to Saturday 5pm-11pm.

Thousand Pound, 82 Main Street, Rutherglen, thousandpound.com.au"

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