"What To Drink ... with roast beef"
All Saints Durif, 2009, $25
"Foams, smears and fancy cuts of meat ... What about a simple, perfect roast beef instead? Wines to match are rich or subtle reds."
"Durif is the pride of Rutherglen - aside from its fortifieds, of course. While it can often be a bolshie variety, big and overpowering in its youth and even in old age, this '09 has a lightness of touch, dare I say it's almost pretty. It has plenty of fresh bright red fruits, dried herbs and spice, plus the enticing sweet leathery note associated with durif, incredibly supple yet persistent tannins with acidity to match.
A nice partner to a roast beef and hot mustard sandwich.
Check with King & Godfree, Carlton".
The Age, Jane Faulkner, July 9, 2011