"All Saints Estate Marsanne 2010: Gorgeous lemon scented nose has quite a bite on entry and that pushes it towards a food wine besides that aspect there are many flavours in the wine but all faint and that makes it an interesting wine to taste and sort them out 93 points and value at $22

All Saints ‘Family Cellar’ Marsanne 2011: The nose is so sensual its X-rated the taste so wonderfully............ its double-X rated; work it out for yourself fantastic flavours that are an absolute joy to taste and swallow 96 points and a bargain at $30

All Saints Estate Sangiovese Cabernet 2009: The sangiovese dominates on the nose and for much of the palate; it doesn’t matter it’s a savoury chewy wine that goes better with tucker, very enjoyable 91 points worth $22

All Saints ‘Family Cellar’ Rutherglen Durif 2009: Pepper and spice nose, makes a statement on entry then softens somewhat to show its fruit and character and a charming character it is plenty going on for those that like to talk about these things and so there should be if asking $60 a bottle its top price but part of that is my and I wager many others thing $60 for a Durif wine is a step too far, I think not in this case 94 points with more to come.

The St Leonards Vineyard Wahgunyah Cabernet Franc 2011: Hard grape to get right solo light nose slight violet slight earthy light in the mouth tart (good) fruit as it travels comes together on the back palate I think it will be a love/hate style of wine I’m for it 92 points but on the pricey side at $28.

Summary: This part of the Brown family firm headed by Eliza Brown and her siblings. The team is producing some very fine wines indeed "

A Key Report Publication issue 44, Tony Keys, 2 November 2012

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