The vineyard crew have done final estimates and worked out how much fruit we should expect and so using this informatiom in the winery we are making sure that we are ready for it to arrive and have everything that we require.

A very important job to do now is looking at new oak barrels to be ordered for the 2015 wines to age in. As the majority these come from France, there needs to be a long lead time as they are made to order and then have a long journey to arrive here in Wahgunyah. It seems like an easy task to order the oak but as each cooperage has a different production technique and wood source they are all individual in what they will add to your wine. So we make sure that we are ordering a mix of barrels that will all work together to complement the wine that they will age and produce the attributes we need for the final blends.

We are also doing the pre-Christmas fortified bottling. Out Muscat’s and Muscadelle’s are bottled several times a year to ensure that the wines stay fresh and bright for you to enjoy. We always do a bottling at this time of year as it is a favourite for everyone to have with Christmas pudding or to bring in the new year - particularly as a gift to spoil someone special.

So while everyone is making sure they have sorted out presents for everyone and ordered the Christmas ham, turkey and of course drinks, we are making sure that we are ready to take on 2015 and make some cracking wines for you to enjoy.

We hope you have a lovely and safe Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2015!