Paul Heard, vineyard manager


The winter job list is a long one. For a start, we have to prune all the vines. This is the most important job for the year, as it sets up the vine for the season ahead. It’s important to achieve a balance between canopy growth and fruit yield: too much canopy creates excessive shading, which leads to unripe, green flavours; too little canopy leaves the fruit vulnerable to burning from over-exposure to the sun.

We are very excited about a new block of Durif vines that we planted at The Carter Vineyard in the spring of 2017. There will be lots to do this season to enable the full production from this new planting, such as installing the trellis required to train the vines up.

This work will allow us to manage the canopy in future years. We want to achieve the right exposure to sunlight for the fruit, because it enhances the flavour development – something that Durif offers in spades! I hope that you can all find a nice spot where you can enjoy a generous glass of red or a cheeky Muscat to keep you feeling warm this winter.