After close to two months on the straw beds we have pressed off the vin de paille. If you remember, this is an age-old way of concentrating grape juice to make a desert wine. The bunches were hand-picked and laid out on beds of straw to desiccate. Once the potential sugar reached 500g/L we crushed and pressed the bunches. We didn't take photo's because, frankly no-one would go near the wine if they saw what the raw material looked like! The juice is extremely sweet and looks like mud. It has really complex flavours already. The plan is to put it in the cool room for the solids to sink to the bottom. The clear juice will then be racked off the top and allowed to ferment naturally. Eventually the yeast will be unable to cope with the combination of alcohol and sugar and will quietly go to sleep. We will the bottle the wine. I doubt we'll get more than one hundred half bottles for this first trial batch, but if we like the result, we will do a bigger version next year.