Today more than ever we live in an instant society, where everything has to be accessible immediately and be totally ready to be used – the “Drink Now Society”.


This is inherently contradictory to the world of red wine, where patience is needed to allow the wine sufficient time to transform from an angry young thing into a smoother, more subtle adult.


In the latter half of last century good reds took 10 years+ to mature, in fact many of the 1960s Aussie reds were almost undrinkable at under five years old. Today, most quality reds need two to five years to show at their best, thanks to the advances in wine maturation technology and techniques, mainly driven by consumer demand.


This week I have found a wine that is well and truly ready to go upon release. You are probably thinking: “Wow, what is so amazing about that?” Well, it is because the wine is a three-year-old DURIF.


Those of you who know DURIF, know that it is a huge, usually ungainly wine in its youth. As one of the guys in the Beefsteak & Burgundy Club that I used to belong too described it: “a liquid steak in every glass”.


The recently released, ST LEONARDS VINEYARD ‘THE DOCTOR’ 2015 DURIF, is absolutely perfect for today’s “instant” market. It is rearing to go, complete with the traditional deep, dark, brooding inky colour. Big pungent typical Durif aromas and a big mouthful of rich Durif flavours, including a good dollop of rich Christmas cake. BUT unlike the ‘monsters’, it has an ubber smooth finish without the chunky tannins usually seen in youngsters.


This divine wine is super elegant, ready to drink and a brilliant DURIF to introduce the “drink now society” to this sensational variety without having to wait a decade or two as I have been doing with the classic DURIF that are in my cellar.




Dan Traucki, March 2018



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