"Rutherglen Must-Stops
This historic town is just 35 minutes from Wangaratta. You know what you’re going to get in Rutherglen, which, as it turns out, is a very good thing. Flavour aplenty abounds.

Fortified wine
Rutherglen’s fortified wines are built on history, but in any modern-day setting, their magnificence always remains clear. Glory be. These wines are authenticity writ large, sweeping, lingering flavours. Chambers Rosewood, Morris, Campbells, Stanton & Killeen and All Saints Estate are all masters. Such greatness should never be taken for granted. Visit them.

Cellar door visits
In some regions, cellar doors can be scarce, while in others, they abound. Rutherglen is blessed with many, and of the many, there are a number of wineries that are worth visiting time and again. Pffeifer, All Saints Estate, Cofield, Jones, Anderson and Rutherglen Estates all fall into this category; they are why Rutherglen makes for such great wine touring."

Campbell Mattinson, Wine Companion Magazine, Oct/Nov 2014

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