All Saints Estate Grand Muscadelle NV, Rutherglen, AUD $75 (375ml)

The dark, tawny-brown colour with green and yellow in the rim announces a very serious, aged wine. It’s very concentrated and mature, showing density from evaporation in cask.

There are toffee, raisin, almost muscat-like aromas while the palate is very concentrated, syrupy and sweet. The depth of flavour is wonderful and the power awesome, with prodigious length and sustained power. A dramatic wine; a heavenly nectar. (Vino-lok stopper)

Score: 98 ★★★★★ 
Alcohol: 18%
Ageing: not needed
Food: The best chocolates
Stockist: All Saints Estate
Ranked: #2 of 17 NV Muscadelle from Rutherglen
Awarded: Top Rank
Winery Rating: 92.1 Weighted average of their top 5 recently tasted wines





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