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Chloe Earl, Senior Winemaker


In the winery at this time of year it is all about bottling and making sure the last of the 2015 vintage wines are all sorted for maturation in oak so they can then look after themselves particularly during next vintage.


We are getting quite a few wines both white and red (including a Rosé), ready for bottling in the winery which is always exciting as you get to see the final product of everyone’s hard work. The 2014 reds are also being put together and are looking great. This makes room for the last of the 2015’s to go into oak for maturation until next year.


For the whites, apart from the Family Cellar Marsanne and Alias I, which see extended time in oak, we are preparing the final 2015’s for bottling, making sure we retain all the freshness and aromatics.


So over the next two months we have a lot of exciting new vintage wines that we will be bottling that will be available in our Cellar Door for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like them!