The Vineyard

Vines at St Leonards Vineyard Rutherglen Vines at St Leonards Vineyard Rutherglen

The Vines

The vineyards at St Leonards are home to a mix of classic and curious varieties. From the usual suspects of Shiraz, Chardonnay and Semillon, and the regionally revered Durif to the lesser known Cabernet Franc. They all seem to like where they are, producing wines with vibrant fruit character and great balance.

St Leonards Vineyard is a unique spot located in a loop of the Murray River, it's waters fast flowing and still mountain-cold. It always seems to feel a little cooler than other vineyards nearby. It is more peaceful too. Pelicans spiral down to the nearby lagoon and glide silently through the reflections of the towering gums along the waterline. The vineyards move slowly as well, with the lower temperatures drawing out the growing season to maximise the development of intense fruit flavours.

One of the unique things about St Leonards and a point of difference is the soils that are on the vineyard. They are a sand loam over red clay which enables the vine to produce fruit which has a real finesse and elegance, with beautifully balanced acid and fruit weight, along with very lifted aromatics. The topography of the vineyard allows a beautiful air drainage which aids in reducing disease pressure and means that the vines are cooled during warmer temperatures.