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Subscribe to the Wine Royalty Club and sip the best wine, tailored to your taste, delivered to your door. It's simple, choose your collection, select your frequency of delivery and capture your details. Your wine, your way!


Receive up to20% offall future wine purchases atSt Leonards VineyardANDAll Saints Estatebased on spend per year.  

Exclusiveevent invites,private tastingsandpriority ticketallocation.  

Early accessto our allocation only limited release and back vintage wines.

An exclusive invitation to join our privateonline communityto stay connected.

Premium servicefrom our dedicated 'Wine Royalty Service Team'. 

Privileges at ouraccommodationincluding;Castleview Cottage and Mount Ophir Estate.

Complimentary glass of winefor you and a guest at All Saints Estate's one hatTerrace Restaurant.

Receive10% off cheese and artisan produceatIndigo Food Coat All Saints Estate.

Honorary access to ourHouse of Winerewards program for extra perks.


Wine Royalty Tiers

Progress through the tiers based on your loyalty...

Classic Member

$500 to $750 spend per year 

• Receive 15% off all future wine purchases

• Expert advice on our world of wine and food.

Grand Member

$750 to $1250 spend per year

• Receive 20% off all future wine purchases

• 4 x Grand promotional offers per year

• 1 x Birthday Voucher

• Complimentary wine tasting at Cellar Door.

Noble Member

$1250+ spend per year

• Receive 20% off all future wine purchases

• 4 x Noble promotional offers per year

• 1 x Birthday Voucher

• 1 x Complimentary private wine tasting in our Family Cellar per year

• Early bird access to events / ticket sales

• Exclusive insider access to our Back Vintage Range.

Just keep me updated with what's happening at the winery instead

By joining you will receive extra perks including special offers, wine tips and more simply through showing your loyalty...

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