Chilled Red: Explained

Arriving on the scene with a dynamic energy that swiftly captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts everywhere, enter the chilled red. Enigmatic in nature, this trend shatters age-old conventions, presenting a refreshing style that will make even the most seasoned wine connoisseurs reconsider what they thought they knew about red wine, chilled.  

Embrace the unexpected. 

Traditionally, we've been led to believe that red wine is best served at room temperature. However, in recent years (and recent releases) a rebellious spirit has ignited within the wine community, sparking a newfound appreciation for chilled reds. With summer approaching fast, this intrepid trend has gained popularity among young wine enthusiasts, captivating their attention with its refreshing and vibrant nature.  

Exploring the right varieties. 

Not all red wines are created equal when it comes to chilling. While some may crumble in an ice bucket, others thrive, revealing their hidden charm. Here are a few red wine varieties that truly shine when chilled: 

Cabernet Franc: Emerging from Bordeaux, France, and flourishing beautifully in the Rutherglen region, Cabernet Franc boasts bright acidity and moderate levels of tannins, making it a perfect candidate for chilling and sipping slightly cold.  

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Grenache: Originating from the sun-kissed vineyards of Southern France and Spain, Grenache carries a bold personality. When chilled, its robust fruitiness and gentle spice create a captivating symphony on the palate. 

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Ruby Cabernet: this quite uncommon grape variety was created by Dr Harold Olmo in the 1930s. In his quest for wine innovation, he crossed the renowned Cabernet Sauvignon with the lesser-known Carignan. It has historically been used in blends but with its sweet red berry fruit profile, Nick had the idea that using the fruit from our Ruby Cabernet grapes would make the perfect chillable red, later, Ruby was born.  

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Our very own chillable red. 

Designed to help you beat the heat this summer, our new Pilot Project release will pique the interest of all the wine newbies. Pop a bottle of Ruby in the fridge and serve at 4 pm alongside a grazing platter laden with prosciutto, salami, and fatty meat to cut through the acid in the wine, or even your favourite packet of crisps (we suggest the Barbeque rub by Proper Crisps). 

Ruby is the perfect opportunity to elevate your wine experience and relish the exceptional, all in the delightful company of good food and even better friends throughout the heaty spring and summer.  

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