An Update from the Vineyard

Nestled in a bend of the Murray River, you’ll find our Vineyard at St Leonards with its rose-coloured sandy soils and temperate microclimate. Despite a wet and cool start to the growing season, our vines have weathered the conditions remarkably well, emerging into the current warm weather in excellent health, free from disease. Across the board, most varieties are boasting healthy, balanced crops, promising the production of exceptional wines. With fingers crossed for continued dry weather, we anticipate a harvest of high-quality fruit.

As we embrace the approach of autumn, characterised by readiness and respite, we recognize this pivotal moment in our vineyard's lifecycle. While the vines prepare for their winter dormancy, we ensure that every aspect of the harvest is meticulously coordinated to capture the fruit at its perfect ripeness. Last week marked the beginning of our picking season, commencing with our St Leonards Semillon (the secret behind our off-dry crowd-pleaserLumiere). Word on the grapevine is, it's also a hit among the local bird community! From there, our harvesting efforts will progress through whites and reds, culminating with our cherished fortified varieties, likely wrapping up sometime in April.

Credit is due to our dedicated Vineyard team, led by Nathan, Terry, and Red, whose hard work has brought us to this pivotal stage. Our focus now shifts to the safe and efficient transport of the fruit to the winery, where our talented winemaker, Nick Brown, will work his magic. Nick’s aim with St Leonards Vineyard fruit is to produce wines that are modern and aromatic, and best reflect our place.

Questions about the vineyard journey? Please don't hesitate to reach out.