Wine and Unwind: Top Wine Bars in North-East Victoria

Cellar Door Wine Store 

62 Ford St, Beechworth 

Recommended by Sal Verde, Local Sales Representativ

Our journey begins in Beechworth, a town renowned for its historical charm and exceptional wineries. Tucked away in this quaint locale is the Cellar Door Wine Store, a gem for wine enthusiasts. The rustic ambiance welcomes patrons into a haven of carefully curated wines sourced from local and international vineyards. 

Indulge in wine tastings that highlight the unique terroir of the region, while knowledgeable staff unveil the subtleties of each vintage. 

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Level One 

492 Dean St,Albury 

Recommended by Holly Formosa, Head of Marketing 

Heading south to Albury, Level One emerges as a sophisticated destination for wine aficionados. Perched atop the town, this upscale establishment offers not only a panoramic view of Albury but also an extensive selection of premium wines. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice, Level One promises nothing but the best for its guests. 

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Astor Hotel Motel 

641 Young Street, Albury 

Recommended by Tiana Battaglia, Graphic Designer 

The Astor Hotel Motel emerges as a classic establishment that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Bought back to its mid-century modern roots in 2019, the Astor Hotel Motel exudes charm, and its garden bar and restaurant are no exception. Here, patrons can immerse themselves in beautiful drinks surrounded by a Palm Springs-style oasis. 

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Norma Pasta & Wine Bar 

500 Guinea Street, Albury 

Recommended by Brodie Smith, Marketing Coordinator 

Albury continues to be a hub for wine enthusiasts with Norma Pasta & Wine Bar, a cozy establishment that combines the best of Italian culinary traditions with a stellar wine selection. This gem celebrates the marriage of pasta and wine, offering harmonious and seasonal flavours in every sip and bite. This Albury hotspot is a testament to the idea that good food and great wine go hand in hand. 

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Thousand Pound Wine Bar & Store, 

82 Main Street, Rutherglen 

Recommended by Travis Manks, Wholesale Sales Manager 

Our final destination is Rutherglen, a region celebrated for its fortified wines and historic vineyards. At the heart of Rutherglen's wine scene is the Thousand Pound Wine Bar & Store on Main Street, a venue that pays homage to the area's winemaking heritage while embracing contemporary trends. 

Thousand Pound Wine Bar & Store boasts an extensive wine list that features not only the renowned fortified wines of the region but also a diverse selection of table wines. The ambiance is inviting, making it a perfect spot to unwind, immerse and unearth yourself in Rutherglen's winemaking traditions. 

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