Mix, Sip, Repeat

Meet HIP SIP Muscat from St Leonards Vineyard—an inviting entry into the world of modern fortified mixing. Bursting with the charm of dried fruits, florals, Turkish delight, and a hint of orange peel, it's a sweet and fresh symphony. Crafted for the young and young-at-heart, this Muscat is lively and pocket-friendly. It's not just a drink; it's a down-to-earth, feel-good experience in every sip! Here are five ideas to inspire your Muscat mixology journey. 

The Pink Hip Spritz: 

One of the most refreshing and vibrant ways to indulge inSt Leonards Vineyard's HIP SIP Muscatis by creating the "Pink Hip Spritz." This cocktail combines 45 ml of Muscat with 15 ml of lemon juice over ice, then topped with sparkling pink grapefruit and fresh mint. The result is a concoction that not only highlights the Muscat's aromatics but also adds a zesty twist with the citrusy notes of lemon. 

Muscat Affogato: 

For a unique and indulgent experience, consider serving St Leonards' HIP SIP Muscat with ice cream and a shot of espresso, creating a deconstructed affogato. This unconventional pairing brings together the velvety sweetness of the Muscat with the creamy texture of the ice cream and the bold richness of espresso. 

Muscat and Tonic: 

During lazy, warmer afternoons, winemaker Nick Brown recommends a simple Muscat & Tonic with a dash of lemon. This crisp mixed drink showcases the Muscat's versatility as its sweet undertones seamlessly mingle with the bitterness of the tonic. The addition of a lemon wedge adds a citrusy brightness. 


Drawing inspiration from the classic Italian amaro service, another way to enjoy St Leonards Vineyard's HIP SIP Muscat is by serving it over ice with a slice of orange. This presentation allows the Muscat's rich and complex flavours to shine, while the orange complements the wine's youthful aromatics. Perfect for those who appreciate the art of slow sipping after an indulgent dinner. 

Negroni Twist: 

For those who relish the bitter complexity of a Negroni, St Leonards Vineyard's HIP SIP Muscat offers an intriguing twist on this classic cocktail. By incorporating the Muscat as the base, you create a Negroni with a unique sweetness that complements the traditional bitterness of gin and vermouth. This inventive twist showcases the Muscat's adaptability and adds a layer of complexity to a well-established favourite. 

Gather your friends, experiment, and elevate your drinking experience with HIP SIP. 

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