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The Family


Eliza, Angela and Nicholas Brown are the fourth generation to own and run All Saints Estate, St Leonards Vineyard and Mount Ophir Estate, part of the famed Rutherglen wine region of North-East Victoria, Australia.

Eldest sibling Eliza is CEO, responsible for direct sales, administration and successful hospitality businesses. Angela, the Sales and Marketing Director, oversees all elements of the growing brands, national and export sales, marketing and public relations. Nicholas, the General Manager, heads the excellent winemaking and viticulture team and manages all vineyards and associated properties.

Each sibling is hands on. The wealth of experience they have gained both in and outside the wine industry now provides the cohesive foundation for the excellent team who work for them. The siblings share a vision of producing premium table wines of outstanding quality as well as offering Australia’s most exceptional winery experiences. They each believe that innovation, youthful passion, agility, design and sustainability – combined with a healthy respect for traditional winemaking and the support of a talented team – are the keys to delivering that vision.

Eliza, Angela and Nicholas Brown see an exciting potential in this treasured corner of North-East Victoria. Regionally distinctive, handcrafted table wines such as Marsanne and Durif, and exciting blends such as Sangiovese Cabernet, sit alongside their world-renowned Muscats and Muscadelles.

In 2014, the family, including Denis Lucey, Eliza's husband and Melbourne restaurateur (Bottega, Luxsmith), invested in the Rutherglen township by establishing a local wine bar to bring a little bit of the city to the country. Since then, the Thousand Pound Wine Bar and Store have received awards and accolades for their wine range and stylishly simple food.

May 2016 brought about another local investment into Rutherglen with the purchase of Mount Ophir Estate, initially established in 1891 and now one of the largest winemaking facilities in the southern hemisphere. The family’s dream was to bring the property back to life, and so the Browns painstakingly set to work, spending countless hours undertaking a loving restoration of the now 140-acre farm, transforming five houses and 'The Tower' into five-star accommodation. Nick's wife, Lucy, detail orientated and a natural communicator, manages all the accommodation while caring for a young family. The estate currently operates as an exclusive site for private events, including weddings, corporate getaways, and unique luxury accommodation.

Mount Ophir’s future as a distinguished Rutherglen landmark has been assured.

In addition to their independent ownership of their other businesses, Eliza, Angela and Nick all play a role in the ongoing management of their shareholding in Brown Brothers Family Wine Group. Eliza is currently a board member and director of the company. Brown Brothers Family Wine Group has a passion for the concept of family, and they are driven to see the business continue in family hands for many generations to come. The siblings' father, Peter R. Brown, who passed away in November 2005, was one of the four original Brown Brothers of Milawa. They feel honoured to continue the wine-making tradition he established.

Their sibling success comes down to a shared philosophy. "No one will love you or forgive you like your family. My brother, sister and I have an extraordinary working relationship. We forgive each other's sins, and we like to celebrate our wins. We also enjoy drinking fine wine together, which keeps the union strong. The family who play together stay together." – Eliza Brown, CEO


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