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There are many factors which influence wine, our philosophy has been to make the most of our gorgeous Australian land. From the river, the soil, the climate and the fruit to make unique handcrafted wines, you can taste where they from each sip.

We have old and young varieties, some traditional some modern reflecting their place in the world.

Nick Brown and Chloe Earl our winemakers treat each process from Vineyard to bottle with extreme care.

They are supported by a dedicated vineyard team that prune, nurture and help with the harvest of each vintage. Paul Heard, our vineyard manager and his crew work tirelessly together to enrich the soils and implement sustainable vineyard practices to ensure the highest quality fruit for our wines

Vine growing and wine making is highly labour intensive we still use traditional hand plunging of ferments in open concreter fermenters and gentle pressing in basket presses over 100 years old. Finally, quiet barrel aging before bottling is the end stage of the duty of care to deliver wines which are truly special.

The fruit in our vineyard are grown so that they mature to most pure expression, this is done by using techniques honed over time. Our careful and thorough approach could be summoned up as a deliberate lack of intervention with our fruit to produce elegant, complex wines of integrity and depth.

It’s paradoxical that we are committed to traditional methods and deliver wines which are complex and modern.

Winemakers, Nicholas Brown and Chloe Earl